About Rarecyte: Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, RareCyte is a life science company that offers high-performance easy to use, next-generation tools for the analysis and capture of rare, individual cells from liquid biopsies and tissue samples.  RareCyte’s systems are used by academic institutions and commercial organizations for a range of applications in oncology, prenatal testing and infectious disease.


AccuCyte® Blood Separation System: RareCyte’s AccuCyte blood separation system is designed to be consistent and reproducible with virtually no loss of cells. A simple two-step centrifugation method takes advantage of the nucleated cells’ density to concentrate and separate cells of interest away from plasma and red blood cells – no biomarker is necessary for cell selection. The AccuCyte system integrates easily with commonly available lab equipment.

CyteFinder® Instrument with CytePicker® Module for sample analysis and Single Cell Retrieval: The CyteFinder Instrument enables accurate single cell discovery using multiplex imaging and proprietary software to detect and rank potential cells of interest in the sample. The user verifies each individual cell’s detailed morphology and biomarker expression profile.

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