About OrganOx: Based in Oxford, England, OrganOx is developing a medical device, the OrganOx metra, that will increase the availability of suitable livers by enabling successful transplantation of organs from non-heart-beating donors and reducing the number of discarded livers.  The device operates by maintaining the organ in a fully functioning state during transport and storage, by providing blood flow, oxygen, nutrients and temperature within physiological parameters.  This not only enables the liver to be stored safely for a longer period (up to 24 hours) but also provides the surgeon with real-time and cumulative data with which to assess viability and make a decision whether to transplant.  This is a major advance over the current method of organ assessment, which is largely subjective.

The OrganOx metra is currently commercially available within the EU.  OrganOx is currently engaged in a further pivotal study in the US and a further study at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham to test the viability and transplant potential of marginal livers.

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