Dr. Wen received his M.D. in Clinical Medicine(eight-years system)from Peking Union Medical College & Chinese Academy of Medical Science(Department of Medicine, Tsinghua University) in 2010. Since then, he has been a neurosurgeon in Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University for 6 years, and has extensive clinical experience in neurosurgery. Dr. Wen worked as a senior visiting scholar of the Ministry of Health at the Hospital of Siena University, Italy(Dept. of Neurosurgery & Dept. of Otology and Neuro-otology)from 2014 to 2015. Since 2016, Dr. Wen began to devote himself to the R&D and industrialization of innovative medical devices, and has applied for nearly 40 patents (including PCT patents) so far, and is responsible or involved in the development of more than 10 products.

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